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The refuge is a site located in the Pacific Ocean at 24 nautical miles from Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This site is known as Islas Murciélago (Bat Island) and is part of one of the most wonderful protected ecosystems in the country. Inspired by this wonderful place, and in honor of its millennial memory and its well-kept treasure is what has motivated the name of our small tour operation company. We started operations in 2011, initially offering our services in Playas del Coco but now the Refugio Tours is a tourism operator, dedicated to innovation and provision of services in the province of Guanacaste, taking advantage of the marine and terrestrial resources of the area.

What do you love about diving?

Diving is a wonderful thing in Costa Rica, due to its enormous marine wealth, the warmth of its waters and the level of environmental commitment that allows us to enjoy the underwater life enormously. Also because of the existing capacity in different areas of the country, on both coasts, it is favorable to practice diving and train new divers.

Favourite Location(s)

Murcielago Islands, Pelonas Islands and Catalinas Islands all located in the north pacific part of Costa Rica.

Top 3 Must Dos:

1. Murcielago Islands

2. Pelonas Islands

3. Local diving in Playas del Coco


Daniel is a National Rafting Competitor and has represented his country across the globe in Japan, Dubai, Czech Republic and Ecuador. As a Profesional Elite-level Sportsman for more than 23 years, Daniel has achieved first places and podium finishes on more than 60 occasions competing in rafting, adventure and cycling. As an Expert Guide, Daniel owns and operates his own adventure Agency Trocha Expeditions Costa Rica, and offers amazing tours and experiences throughout the country.

What do you love about rafting?

Rafting is a sports discipline that offers multiple benefits, reinforces selfesteem, helps us face our fears, sharpens our sense of balance, strengthen our musculature, reinforces our social skills and all in an extremely beautiful scenario and fun experience.

Favourite Location(s)

The Rio Pacuare - surrounded by marvelous rainforests and is home to exotic animal species such as jaguars, monkeys, ocelots and a very large number of birds.

The Rio Sarapiqui - stands out for the beauty of the landscape, the richness in flora and fauna, its importance as a fluvial transport route from pre-Hispanic times to the present, and as a natural historical monument of Costa Rica

Top 3 Must Dos:

1. Saraiqui Ride & Raft

2. Volcano & Costering Challenge

3. Caribbean Adventure


Justin is a California native that has lived in Costa Rica for 14 years. He started 'El Tubo Surf' as a fun hobby in Dominical in 2005. He has always loved sharing the stoke he has for all the amazing adventures and beautiful places that Costa Rica offers. After 10 years of a beach front shop in Dominical, they transformed El Tubo Surf into a Surf camp at their family farm Jabillo Del Mar.

What do you love about surfing?

One of my favorite things that attracts me to Costa Rica is the warm water and amazing waves. To be able to surf everyday is truly a dream come true. Catching a good wave is one of the best feelings ever that never gets old.

Favourite Location(s)

Cabo Matapalo in the OSA Peninsula is my favorite place to get away relax and surf. Three amazing right point breaks with the clearest water. The wildlife there is from another world and it's amazing.

Top 3 Must Dos:

1. Pavones

2. Playa Hermosa

3. Witches Rock


Roman is from Costa Rica and live in the capital, San Jose. He has been involved in adventure sports for more than 30 years. He has an open water swimming world record and was one of the pioneers of surfing in Costa Rica. He started a world famous mountain bike race called 'LA RUTA DE LOS CONQUISTADORES' and is considered the oldest mountain bike stage race and one of the hardest endurance events in the world. Because of 'LA RUTA DE LOS CONQUISTADORES' he was inducted in to the mountain bike hall of fame 2016. He is also the director of LA RUTA.

What do you love about cycling?

I love cycling because from the first time I rode a bike it represented freedom and exploration. I have been cycling since young and have taken this as my primary sport for the last 30 years. Cycling is a clean fast way to travel, it's also great way to watch nature. Cycling is demanding and teaches you true grit, but the best thing about cycling is that its fun, fast and wild but safe.

Favourite Location(s)

Costa Rica is full of great cycling trails roads and parks. Our race traverses the American continent from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. Along the way there are hundreds of trail and roads to practice this incredible sport. Cycling is unique in Costa Rica because it is the most biodiverse country on the planet, a Volcanic mountain chain that divides two oceans reaching heights of 3400 meters.


Ronald was born in Perú and moved to Costa Rica in the early 90’s and found of the one best places in the world to practice adventure sports. He funded with his business partners 'Explornatura' in 1999. Ronald currently lives in the Turrialba Valley, about 40 km east of San Jose, in the heart of adventure country. He specializes in creating customized itineraries based on the needs of their customers around the world, combining adventure, nature and culture that characterize Costa Rica. His true office is the outdoors, which has led them to adopt practices through which they strive to maintain and better the natural environment.

What do you love about canyoning?

The challenge that a canyon confront to your abilities in order you can sort the many obstacles giving you the chance to use many different tools, techniques, experience always pushing more your limits

Favourite Location(s)

The Puente Vigas canyon - a perfect nature playground in Costa Rica. It is a 2-3 hour adventure...rappelling down four waterfalls, zip lining down five canopy cables, and walking across a 132 foot hanging bridge – all giving you an unforgettable adrenaline rush!

Pacuare river rafting overnight - one of the top five rivers of the world for the commercial white water rafting, many people raft the river but just few know about the incredible side canyons. You can do an overnight trip, rafting and stopping on the way to explore the canyons, you will find amazing waterfalls and river pools to jump from the rocks.

Top 3 Must Dos:

1. Turrialba and surroundings

2. Northern Guanacaste

3. La Fortuna de San Carlos