That’s the philosophy we live by at Gandys. In our eyes, life is here to be lived and the world is there to be explored. Gandys was founded by two brothers who lost their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. After leaving school at an early age, the brothers were given a unique upbringing volunteering and travelling around the world. This is where their passion for travel and trying to make a positive impact was ignited. They chose to use fashion as a force for good and build schools around the world.

The Gandys brothers began to build kids campuses all over the world which aid underprivileged children. These are all things that we can often take for granted and after many years of travelling in third world countries the brothers know the importance of helping these children with education. Gandys has built three kid’s campuses in Sri Lanka, Malawi and Nepal, with one currently being built in Brazil.

Join our journey and do more than just exist.